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Dux Quest

What Is Dux Quest?

Dux Quest is a dated piping system that has been related to a number of serious faults in homes across Auckland built around the 1970’s & 80’s. Dux Quest pipe is the hard, rubbery piping often found running under homes and through interior walls with white writing across it.

A key identifier and cause of the problems is that the piping is slightly flexible if you grasp it with your hands.

After the 80’s Dux Quest was noted as unfit for use and was marked as ’substandard’ for plumbing due to the number of issues caused. Since then, new regulations and an increase in product quality mean that newer DuxQuest products can be used – but only if they are required. Please get in touch and we can discuss if these are the right fit for you.

How will this affect my insurance?

Insurance companies will often only cover an initial sudden leak. After this, the responsibility falls on you to either replace the existing piping, or cover the cost of future leaks/splits that arise. This is why we recommend replacing older Dux Quest piping as soon as you are aware of it. Replacing your piping also offers you a warranty on fresh, new products that can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to insurance claims down the road.

How can CAT help?

We have a wealth of experience replacing entire Dux Quest systems, however if you are budget conscious, we can also replace only affected areas to stop an immediate leak. With this, we would recommend an inspection to give you an idea of where/when another split or leak may occur.

We suggest this not for our benefit, but for yours – as this can give you an approximate timeline to get the rest of the piping replaced.

Fixing a current issue can be fairly quick, as all it requires is cutting the pipe to replace and reconnect the unsplit areas of the pipe. In the long run, it’s much more cost-effective to completely replace the problematic piping, but we understand the strain this can cause so are happy to advise and work to your requirements.